What is strategic intervention coaching?

Strategic intervention uses theory from many sources to get results. Strategic intervention is based on objectives, and having a trusted person (your coach) partner with you to help you navigate through your individual situation.

what does a coach do?

Often we avoid what challenges us. Ironically, it is these challenges, when faced head-on, that can lead to our goals being accomplished and our dreams becoming reality. A coach is a partner who works with you by asking direct questions and helping you to focus on β€œthe next step.” You overcome your limitations, which enables you to achieve your desired outcome.

what is the difference between coaching and COUNSELING?

The goal of counseling is healing from past wounds and finding freedom from pain. Coaching, on the other hand, is based on lifestyle improvement and on creatively finding ways to meet personal/career goals; and to find fulfillment and life balance.

What should You know before employing a coach?

Will you have the opportunity to become familiar with your coach prior to committing to coaching? Do you feel comfortable with this individual? What is their experience in goal setting and planning? Do they have business, leadership, or management experience? What kind of ongoing support can you expect?

How do i justify the cost?

A coach can actually help you save money by helping you keep your personal and financial objectives in balance and by focused attention to your goals.